December 12, 2020. In the mood for something other than pandemic and politics, I’ve been out in the sunshine pondering many curiosities. One that came (back) to mind was my not-quite encounter with a raven on the mountain above Cloudcroft NM. Back in October. Enjoy.

15 thoughts on “Quirky

  1. Love this. Reminds me of an encounter with a raven I had on the Northwest coast. He was making the oddest noise, and I looked around for a fair bit before realizing he was perched in a tree above me. Spirit encounters!

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    1. VJ, thanks. If my eyes were younger I might’ve spotted this one, as he clearly was moving about. If I’d been willing to lay my medallion out on a rock and walk a few feet away, pretty sure he’d have come to check it out … but he might’ve also flown off with it!

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    1. Ravens certainly merit abundance! … but I’m hanging onto my special medallion for now. Should I ever replace it, I’ll offer this one on that mountain. (Thanks for sharing your raven affinity!)

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