Dark Chocolate

December 30, 2020. I’m feeling a bit giddy tonight, having accepted the probability that some of my YE tasks will morph into NY tasks. Acceptance enhanced with indulgence in dark chocolate. And since I’m not getting all those tedious things completed, why not write an ode to the chocolate?

Wishing all a peaceful shift into 2021.

20 thoughts on “Dark Chocolate

  1. Dark chocolate with ginger sounds good to me. Or dark chocolate with brie. I think you have the perfect cat for the picture. (I’d like it better without the chile.)

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    1. Carolyn, thank you … I’ll share with Brie! (I understand your aversion to spicy chile, but of all the chocolates available these are my favorites … partly because I truly cannot eat the entire package at one time.)


  2. Oh Yes! You are preaching to the choir! Love my dark chocolate breaks in the late afternoon. And I can relate to the not finishing all the tasks…at least I did start on some of them that I had been putting off for a long time…gives me hope for actually getting them done in 2021 (hey, that rhymes! “getting them done in 2021”)…and I like the color of your cat’s fur next to the hatch chili chocolate package!

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    1. Betty, thank you – Brie is frequently snoozing on that box on the kitchen counter. It’s near the jar of treats she hopes will magically open. Her presence always lightens my mood, as does chocolate! (I’ll let her know she looks good near green. But today’s temps & rain preclude posing amid outdoor greenery …)


      1. I love the flavor, crave the aroma of coffee. However…
        My wife’s doctor recommended decaf, so I made hers separately. I then switched to half-decaf for myself 14 months ago. Six months later I switched to all decaf. For my own, I had switched from French press & cold brew back to drip coffee. (I read that paper filters remove oils that can cause an increase in LDL cholesterol & triglycerides — and mine did drop slightly.)
        Eight months later, I quit coffee altogether. That was five months ago.
        I still make hers every morning, and yes, I still crave coffee.

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