Together Now

January 24, 2021. Took a walk this afternoon with my aging and declining Labrador Buttercup.  Walking with her is a great opportunity to reflect on recent triggers, and today I paused half-way to jot down the gist of this poem.  I was triggered by today’s post from Ken Gierke whose poem Now was triggered by today’s post of Memorial by Ron. Lavalette.  My thanks to both.

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21 thoughts on “Together Now

  1. Wonderful photo and poem, Jazz – brought back memories of my 2 Lab crosses! Love “suspending time” and “paws/pause”.

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    1. Ken, thank you for your post yesterday that tuned my focus to present moment. Each moment offers gifts, too often unnoticed as we scurry on. There’s value, too, in scurrying. But I really enjoyed yesterday’s “now”.

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  2. Don’t know how I missed this until now, Jazz. Wonderful work. I esp like the heart-moments, lingering in the heart beyond any physical leash… Beautiful.
    Write On.

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  3. I would like to reflect back to you these lines,
    together now in moments
    that will linger in my heart
    beyond any physical leash
    This poem is a lovely description of the tug of love. It made me wonder if it was related to your son or loss in general.
    Take care, my friend.

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    1. Ali, that’s a good question. This poem is universal if one takes dog as metaphor for loved companion. I wrote this while walking the dog, essentially for the dog. But my sensitivity to how she’ll “stick around” even after death likely does reflect my experience with losing my son – still raw in my consciousness. In my son’s last few weeks he was a bit fixated on the “old dog” – asking a couple of times, “Which one of us will die first?” (We left it an open question.)

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      1. That makes sense. I can see you reading the poem both ways. I like the idea of the dogs a metaphor.
        I found writing poetry to be so helpful in processing my emotions. I hope it continues to support your journey.

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