January 29, 2021. Yesterday’s nudges from full moon and fresh rosemary blooms to memories of January 1990 collectively took me into one of my indulgences in image-isolation, a game of sorts, a way to release creative urges. The rosemary plant (associated with remembrance) caught my eye while I was in the back yard watching my husband plant a Texas redbud tree. A bit like memories catch our attention in the midst of some seemingly unrelated activity. This post honors the two mother figures who shaped me: my birth mother, and her sister with whom I lived in the 8th grade and summers thereafter until college years. First Aunt Mary Beth and then Mother died in January 1990 – both remain within me, blooming forth at times both unexpected and (like yesterday) predictable.

21 thoughts on “Remembrance

  1. I haven’t seen my daughter in person for more than a year now due to the pandemic, so she is the one I miss the most these days. Last night, I had a dream that she got a beautiful tattoo (which she’d never do in real life! Lol!) on her upper back of these bold yet delicate little purple flowers. I woke with the distinct sense that I’d seen such blooms before, but I couldn’t quite place them. I thought they were similar to lavender, but that wasn’t it… Anyway, you may not be surprised that it turns out those little “petals of joy unfolding” looked exactly like your photo of rosemary — blossoms, leaves, stalk, and all. Full moon nudges, indeed!

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    1. Oh my! Serendipity! So my time spent was more than indulgence – actually useful. Thank you for sharing the dream, and here’s hoping it won’t be too many more months before we can visit loved ones.

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  2. Thatโ€™s a lovely tribute and image there, did not know about Rosemary! Thanks for sharing Jazz, so good to keep those treasured people inside us and honor them.

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      1. I know right! I always give them a good stroke when passing on a walk to get that oil on my skin. The real deal, that…thank YOU Jazz.

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    1. Leah, thank you. I discovered after Mother’s death (going through a house full of past preceding me!) that she had written many poems – the impetus for my daring to try such. (Now I can’t keep up with my inner poet’s nudges!)


  3. Your description of how memory flows is so apt as is your metaphor – how blooms and memories come unexpectedly but are welcome guests. Lovely, Jazz. Also, I didn’t know that about rosemary either.

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  4. Thank you, LuAnne – so many past associations stored in our brains/hearts – like dreams, I pay attention to the ones that surface into awareness. Synchronicity at play in this rosemary encounter – I was only near the rosemary because I wanted to video my husband digging a hole to plant a redbud tree – our property is on limestone with only limited dirt on top, so digging down in the desired spot is not a given! (Rosemary and redbud now be linked for me!)


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