Where Are You?

Sunday, February 28, 2021. Coming up on one year since we all went into panic and pandemic shutdown. I happened onto this poem I wrote early into the shutdown – set aside to post after all the craziness subsided. Well, it didn’t. Maybe won’t ever. I’m still looking for things … we have concluded RVing makes sense (we isolate just as well in the Airstream as the house) … we now have the first of our 2 vaccines … yet for the foreseeable future we’ll keep masking and distancing.

One big change triggered by 2020 social demands was my husband’s retirement at end of the schoolyear. He did NOT enjoy teaching from home and anticipated (correctly as it turns out) that fall 2020 would not look much different. So he bailed a year earlier than planned. Being continually together, we’ve been discovering all sorts of things about one another we wouldn’t have thought to seek, let alone known what to ask, where to look … resulting in many amusing moments akin to this gloves episode.

12 thoughts on “Where Are You?

  1. I enjoyed your fairly light hearted take on being home. I had a mental image of your husband in the lovely gloves pulling products off a shelf in the store ( I know, not happening…but yes, may work for you venturing out). I know I really enjoy the variety of masks people are adorning themselves with. And I love the looking for things one knows one put somewhere and then finding them while looking for something else. One of those frustrating, but fun mysteries of our lives!
    And yes, to learning about each other while both confined to home.

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    1. Betty, thanks! When I stumbled on this poem (written almost a year back) I got tickled all over at Gary’s reaction to “our gloves” and thought WHY NOT post this after-the-fact? Especially given the facts are still with us!


    1. Hey, Mike – thanks for a good question. Somewhere along the line we concluded prepackaged loose greens were OK w/o being washed under our faucet. Hence no need to spin ’em. So far no negative consequences … but yes, sir, I DO intend to hang onto the spinner! (And I’m pretty sure I know which shelf it’s on …)

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      1. I would buy the packages but its not enough for me. So I get the three pack of Romaine hearts and they need to be spun. Every time I eat one I think of Seinfeld The Big Salad episode. 🥗

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  2. I have developed a taste this past year for pandemic poetry and really liked this one, Jazz. Who would have guessed a year ago that we’d still be so restricted in our movements and still wearing masks and, in some cases, gloves.

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    1. Mike, thank you … sometimes what seems old-hat really is still current! Half-way through my vaccination process at this point, so anxiety is a bit reduced, but still the 6-ft spacing and masking and wondering …


  3. This post was entertaining, Jazz. No, I couldn’t see my husband in those gloves at the market either! I love the open ended question at the end. Today I had to drive my husband a mile and a half for a post-surgery check up. The office is right by the gym. I realized it had been months – almost a year I suspect since I had driven that route that was so familiar to me pre-2020. So where am I? Sitting in my writing room thoroughly enjoying reading you post.

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    1. Thank you, LuAnne – my hunch that it wasn’t too late to post that one seems to’ve been right.
      I’ve had some experiences similar to your surprise with formerly-familiar routes. I’ve had to look up how to get to places I’ve been frequently (just not lately) – startling when that happens!! Good we have our writing spaces to come home to, huh?

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  4. Who knew your words would still resonate. Thanks for the chuckle. We have been careful – stayed home, no visitors, only going out for essentials – and then Ric’s fiasco began. Now strangers (masked) come and go all day, along with deliveries, and friendly check-ins. Being on the road in our RV sounds like a much better option. Enjoy for us.

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    1. VJ, will do – will visualize and Ric along with us when we head out in about a week for several nights at a state park. Will be an interesting jaunt – Gary has back issues that won’t let up, but he so far plans to go anyhow. And we have a new dog in our midst (Ramble) who is young and insecure and a constant watch. How she’ll do in the Airstream remains to be seen, but staying close to us and Buttercup seems to be her preference and RVing is definitely being close!
      Do you guys still have your RV, or did you sell it? Somewhere down the line we’ll have some tough decisions to make … hooking up and setting up are strenuous, more so with aging of muscles. We anticipate some day downsizing to a self-powered RV … maybe towing a run-around car or maybe just me following along in car behind Gary in the RV. (I visualize retreats into the parked car for my writing escapes!)

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      1. The RV is for sale. Our bodies/ energy were failing us, so I think our days are done. So glad we had the experience – great memories and places to go in my mind when I’m feeling overwhelmed. So sweet that you have a new doggie. Hope Gary feels better. Do post pics.

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