Reveal Plea

March 30, 2021. I turn to a labyrinth to focus inward – the image here is my frequent walking meditation choice as getting there involves minimal traffic and usually I have it to myself (my preference, although there are gifts in walking a labyrinth with a group.) Since discovering labyrinths back in 1999, they have become my visual metaphor for “life’s path”. In both, the goal is “centered” where pestering perplexities sort of make sense and a calm settles in, acceptance of conditions and recognition that conditions almost surely equal opportunity, even if details are elusive. An alternative to walking a labyrinth, I also turn to finger labyrinths – small enough to fit in a lap, circuits traced with finger tip while eyes remain closed.

Bothered ongoing through the past year about divisiveness in attitudes toward politics, COVID precautions, and what my role might be in the midst of what our country is going through, I recently took my befuddlement to the labyrinth. Stepping into the path, I thought of finger labyrinths I’m creating for a group experience in August, puzzling how to add a tactile confirmation of having reached center (to ease the urge to open eyes to check!) This poem emerged as I walked toward labyrinth center curious: How will I know on my life path when I’ve reached center?

If you count life center as mid-range in years lived, I am surely way past center. But if life center is the point of centered awareness of why I exist at all … well, I need to keep going.

15 thoughts on “Reveal Plea

    1. Hey, Ron – I know there’s a center on a physical labyrinth – and I’ve sensed “getting close” a few times on my life path – but your query is valid! Is there such? Will I live long enough to get there?


  1. What a beautiful, prayerful poem. Your words really resonate today, as our numbers increase here, while friends continue to tell me it’s all a conspiracy, and our TV is locked on the George Floyd trial. Thank you for reminding me that I can always return to centre .

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    1. I cannot get the George Floyd mess out of my thoughts – that incident alerted me to something not right with my son’s situation (he always posted on FB about current events, and he was right there in Minneapolis, and he was NOT posting!) Floyd calling for his mama triggered this mama to her own son down on the ground needing help. It was Minneapolis Police who did the wellness check. Good cops and bad cops. Our world seems made of such polarities. I seek personal balance (center) in the midst.

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  2. Wow. Really like the idea of center as inner-exploration and how the destination may (thankfully) be different and personal to each. I currently feel the approach to mine, and I wasn’t expecting to reach it in this life.


    1. LuAnne, thank you. I will do a post on finger labyrinths … maybe a couple of posts. I want to share the meditative aspects of creating these. And after the workshop using them (hoping it happens – was scheduled for last summer but canceled due to COVID) I anticipate I will have insights and stories worth sharing.

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  3. I have the sense that experiencing a labyrinth with eyes closed is like being in darkness and trusting your senses to guide you. Here, the uncertainty at entering your labyrinth is balanced by the hope that is expressed at the end, as it should be.

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