July 7, 2021. Between adventures in our Airstream lifestyle, I play catch-up at my desktop prowling through many, many photos to determine keepers (still “many” though I do discard duplicates and fuzzies) and pair photos with poems written along the way. Some poems call for collaging multiple photos to reflect what I “saw” while writing. We’re packing now for the next jaunt, so high time I finish my “work” from prior jaunt. We went in June to South Llano River State Park, where we’ve been many times. This time in a site new to us, seeing things not previously apparent. Like the mesquite tree with twisted limbs forming a beautiful heart for viewing from the picnic table. We arrived on my 75th birthday and one of the best gifts ever was an hour of solitude at dusk while my generous husband took both Labradors for a long walk. Headed out, he handed me an ale which paired nicely with the view and triggered this poem. (Later the moon rose a bit to the right of the mesquite heart.)

33 thoughts on “Givens

    1. Lynn, thank you – somehow this milestone birthday feels like an “open ending” to many aspects of life to date – an open door to leave gottas and shoulds behind – walk through and go wherever, do whatever, observe whatever … and write about it, of course.

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  1. Such a peaceful scene! My favorite line is ” Given this is my 75th birthday I feel entitled to idle thoughts.”
    I also love the image and the idea of “moon in mesquite heart.” Happy Belated Birthday!

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    1. Betty, thank you! I sat for quite a while envisioning the moon rising “within” that heart shape – would’ve been obscured by branches right behind the heart, but the light would’ve come through. If I were a painter …


  2. Hello, Tom – maybe for you, too, significant days in the life of the loved one gone become a time for pause? That’s been my response since losing my son. My excuse to focus backward for a bit – savor more than grieve.
    Thank you for commenting here.


  3. Jazz,
    I read your poem this morning and it made me smile. I could just picture you in the campsite celebrating a birthday of your own design. I love the structure of this poem from the beginning of “my resistances begin napping.” to the closing, “I am given to imagine.” I hear contentment and celebration of being in your words.
    Travel safely and enjoy the views.

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    1. Ali, thanks! Celebration indeed: I’m still alive, active, exploring – with compatible companions. Could not ask for more! Currently in Taos NM with amazing views – getting acclimated to 6000 ft elevation – in a few days we’ll rise to 9000 ft at Cloudcroft NM – elevation jumps demand a slowing down for a couple of days, all the more reason to go higher …

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  4. LuAnne, thank you – I too have been away! This is day 1 of 2 driving home after a month’s wandering – we’ve left cool altitudes behind for a while (will miss those aspects but eager to be home with purrs and see what’s blooming in the yard!)


  5. Belated B’day Wishes, Jazz! (Traveling at that time, myself, I missed this.)

    Given your travels, “Wanderland” is very fitting for an ale. (I’ll have to watch for it.)

    And the mesquite heart! It’s been one rough year for you, so that heart is the perfect birthday gift.

    When we were in Kansas (July 4th) visiting my wife’s uncle, I met more of her family, including a cousin & spouse who live in Eagle Nest, across the mountains from Taos.

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    1. Thanks so much, Ken. I am not one to make a to-do over birthdays but this one felt significant – I am still here – life goes on after loss – life a wander through ups and downs.
      Eagle Nest is gorgeous – we drove through there a couple of years ago.

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