July 27, 2021. Traveling again.  Collectively adapting to togetherness in limited space of the Airstream.  Patterns that worked in the past require adaptation with addition of a 2nd Labrador  – doubling obstacles in hallway and accumulation of fur thus increasing our desire to all get outside!  Of course, periodically we have to maneuver around dogs and each other to clean house.  Usually this realization sends both humans and Labs into a tizzy.  After recent sweeping up of fur and frustrations, I was struck with the absurdity of it all … and how I thoroughly enjoy indulgence in travel, complete with challenges and chores.  A togetherness bonding experience!  Affections in all directions growing steadily.

18 thoughts on “Cumulative

    1. Ahh- at the moment tucked into its corner of the bathroom! Meanwhile I sit enjoying cool air at campsite picnic table – with two dogs free to shed witout objection … may the breezes carry the fluff far!


    1. Messes can be wise teachers … about those creating the mess … about those tolerating the mess … and then those (perhaps Labradors) who find “mess” to be opportunity to indulge – in play, reprieve from continual discipline!

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  1. The love and humor of your life really shines through in your words. However, the part that I identify with too much of the time is the second stanza with my tolerance tumbling over into fury. Love the photo of the dogs and the photo of the pile of fur. Happy travels!

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    1. Thanks, Tom, Dogs do indeed rock – worth every bit of nuisance they inadvertently pose! And never seem annoyed that I am stepping over them … again and again …


  2. What a delightful poem, Jazz. I appreciate that you can laugh at yourself and your circumstances. That certainly makes for a happier traveler.
    The second stanza was my favorite. Great wording that left me chuckling.
    Travel safe.

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    1. Ali, thank you – our travels with two dogs may be messier than many could stomach … but MUCH joy comes from their antics! A true treasure to watch the shy young one open up. For several days we’ve been up on the mountain where she has romped! romped! romped! w/o leash … free spirit coming into confidence about the strange human creatures who feed her.

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  3. You describe it so well – lack of space highlights intolerances – and at the same time, we grow. I think Ric and I did very well for the time we lived in closed quarters. Love the photo of your two fur babies. Still wishing we could join you on the road. Perhaps, in another life…..

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  4. VJ, thanks!
    We are now on the 2-day long drive back to house & yard (needing attention!) – mixed emotions for me & guessing dogs would rather stay ever more up on the mountain!


  5. Frustrations or not, I’m sure you’ve had a wonderful trip.

    The second-to-last stanza stands out for me. I know how trying the cumulative can be. A “partner so compatible” is definitely a blessing in that, and all, regards.

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    1. Ken, thank you – that next-to-last stanza is the reason for the poem – in the midst of crazy messes, we may fuss and fume, but we are always “in it together”.
      A week after this post, we had another “mess” that makes the one pictured pale … did not take photos before cleaning up the latest evidence that dogs are not necessarily tidy creatures! (One cut her tongue trying to eat her way out of the trailer when the Co2 detector low-battery alert began chirping … a little blood can sure make a mess over a big area … ended up going back to town to buy new bedding … no time to take photos that day! We’d been strolling around in a museum unaware the dogs were berserk. The blood episode has become our dogs-on-the-road sharing with other campers – for the horror, the humor, and the awareness of those low-battery chirp effects!)

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