Symbol Synchronicity

August 31, 2021. I gave myself the month of August “off” from blogging, though not from writing. Journaling and writing poems are essential no matter what else is swirling around me. I chose this poem to share as descriptive of this August’s outer adventures (New Mexico) and inner reflections. Last August my son Tom died the day after his 46th birthday. It happened rapidly, and I was with him his last two months. This past year hence, I’ve had countless questions arise that I wish I’d asked! Stirred together in my thoughts were the questions along with comments from others missing him – when a blue speck sparked a numerology review.

The John Dunn Bridge outside Taos NM is a beautiful spot to get into the Rio Grande River for a swim (or let your dogs do that while you watch!) We went back earlier this month while visiting Taos. First splash in the Rio Grande for our young Labrador Ramble. And a photo opportunity for me. What caught my eye as a pink bloom proves with research to be the seed head of a white bloom on the xeric shrub Apache Plume.

That plant had drawn another closer in days prior. My find near plant base was almost buried in the sand, only one surface visible.

15 thoughts on “Symbol Synchronicity

    1. Thank you! I will keep this die. There is one just like it in Tom’s set of dice – whole set to be gifted to Ken in Minnesota, who hosted D&D sessions weekly (good friend of Tom’s).


    1. Thanks, Betty. There are subtle advantages to wobbly old legs that demand slow motion on slopes … if that photo had been a level-ground shot, I probably would’ve never looked down.


    1. Stephanie, thank you … I envision my blog as uplifting others, thus I’ve wrestled with posting poems about my son … this one I felt had more to offer than just grief. A footnote (poet’s perspective) – I’ve always said “dice” for either singular or plural and did a flip putting both death and die in these lines, die being solid and attractive in this instance – a perspective my son would give a thumbs-up.

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  1. Your openness to receive the messages is inspiring, Jazz. This is the first, I’ve really seen you write about your son, the man. A healing perspective, I’d say. Hope this month, and New Mexico, have brought you some peace and contentment.

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    1. VJ, thank you and yes, getting through this August was intense at moments of flashback but overall a time of acceptance and gratitude. Who would I have become if I’d not had the influence of this son for 46 years? He shaped me as much as I shaped him. And I continue changing as I practice this letting go.

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      1. I love the mini-portrait you gave of him, and I can only imagine what a blessing you were for him. A truly treasured relationship that lives in on 8 (infinity).

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  2. Oh, Jazz. I started reading this a couple of days ago and got distracted. I suspected that it was a post I needed to take time with and I am so glad I did. I loved getting to know your son a bit through your “colorful geometry” poetic version of one of his many traits. I want to give you a virtual hug. It seems fate coupled with your mindfulness brought you to this die at this time. This poem warmed my heart.

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