Still, Tamales

2021-09-11.  Today is notable as 20th anniversary of the terror of 9/11/01 attacks.  The aftermath has changed perspectives worldwide.  So solemn seems appropriate, in spite of a sunny Saturday with no commitments. 

The poem I sponsored in support of Brick Street Poetry is up on Robert Okaji blog:

(You, too, can sponsor some Okaji magic – details here: )

I’d offered “Perpetuity” thinking of global concerns about humanity, planet, etc.; when Bob scheduled my sponsored poem for today, I anticipated something related to 9/11.  What a lovely surprise to read his applicable-any-day poem concluding with Wisdom/Owl hugging with feathered wings our deepest dreams. 

I got lost, immersed in online imagery of owls, especially wings.  If you too need to get lost, try this — the abundant variety is startling.  And if that doesn’t break a solemn mood, send someone out to bring back home-made tamales! 

This post is a thank-you to Robert Okaji and a miss-you to my son, gone just over a year now.  (I talked myself out of ordering an owl-wing-print shawl though I sensed my son giving a thumbs-up as I perused options.)

16 thoughts on “Still, Tamales

    1. Thank you. Tamales in today’s case … maybe a meal from Hyde Park Bar & Grill for you? Something about sitting down to eat takes the edge off various anxieties!


  1. Wonderful poem and sentiments. Thank you always for sharing your thoughts and insights. Always welcome — always helpful.

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    1. So appreciate your response, Lisa – I would never want to spread angst, but hope to let others who may have comparable feelings know they are not alone. Good to hear from you! Maybe some day we’ll be bumping into one another in Book People again?

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  2. I love this poem, Jazz. Still, tamales. Indeed. Thanks so much for spreading the word about my mini fund raiser. Regarding tamales, mmmmmmm! I’ll definitely be on the lookout for some in Indianapolis this year. Or, I could make some. Hmm. I do miss Hyde Park Bar & Grill. Those fries!

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    1. Happy to spread the word – I think your creative use of others’ prompts is fantastic, and was thrilled with how you responded to my random-I-thought assortment. (I’d been pondering the word “Perpetuity” for a couple of days when your call for prompts arrived – hence my title suggestion; the other words = prompts for the Story Circle Network poetry circle I facilitate.)

      We have mixed luck buying tamales at grocery stores but the farmers market ones were incredibly good – spicy chicken (they’d sold out of pork already) – we’ll be back next Saturday (earlier) for more! FYI, Hyde Park Bar & Grill is surviving the pandemic nicely – doing a LOT of take-out orders. They’ll be here whenever you get yourself to Austin to visit.

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      1. It’s really fun, and I needed a figurative kick in the butt to jumpstart my writing. So thank you (and everyone else) for that butt kick. 🙂 I’d be happy finding tamales like the ones I used to pick up from Central Market, and I’m hoping that the Mexican grocery I frequent will have some around Christmas. If not, I may break down and spend a day making them myself.


  3. How well crafted, Jazz – the way you move from national tragedy, to your own, and then juxtapose it with the simplicity of comfort food – a reminder that everything can be handled if we just shift our perspective to what works, no matter how small.

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    1. Yes, get back to basics! Feed our bodies and our moods respond. Luckily these were organic corn tamales so I don’t have to angst over negative impact down the road. Thank you for feedback on the poem’s flow.

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