Swirl On

September 16, 2021. We’re packing to travel again, returning about a week into October, so I’m in a swirl of preparations for cat-sitters and packing and all those essential tasks that precede rolling out onto the road, headed for Nature’s tranquility.

Before I go, I want to share this poem. A more enjoyable sort of swirl. It felt good in the writing and I continue enjoying the visual I’ve created. Where might one find an actual paisley dance floor? Why not on the moon – so that’s where I’ve imagined (and collaged) it. Turn on or imagine your own music and enjoy visualizing your own feet swirling across paisley “up there” where you’re aware of no one but yourself. Trust me, it feels good!

24 thoughts on “Swirl On

    1. Well yeah, anymore … unless I can teach our young Labrador a new use of that energy overload! She keeps wanting to stand on her hind legs, front paws reaching upward … maybe asking to dance? (Thank you for triggering that possibility …)


  1. Bon voyage to nature’s tranquility as it were! And this, a nice soundtrack to buoy you off…thanks for sharing Jazz, have a great time away.

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      1. 9000 ft altitude – above Cloudcroft NM – Lincoln National Forest – boondocking (no power save solar & no water save what’s on board) – roughing it, loving it! Summer rains pretty much over, so we anticipate lots of clear skies & hopefully clear thinking!


  2. Sweet thoughts! I got to dance The Macarena last night, outside, with a group of friends. Even though I couldn’t jump and twirl, I could do the arm and torso moves. I felt energized!

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  3. Oh, wow, this one made my feet happy. (I would have danced to the poem but a cat is asleep on my feet!) Who would have thought that paisleys and the moon and dancing would all go together, but it is a wonderful juxtaposition of concepts. I think that gravity holds less pull on the moon. That would be so good for my arthritic ankle while dancing. 🙂 Thanks for that flight of fancy, Jazz.

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  4. I just realized I probably read this just before using “aswirl” in my poem.

    My wife does her best with a less-than-enthusiastic dancer. We had an informal reception after our outdoor wedding. I provided a playlist of 58 songs (I told her it was because I waited 58 years to meet the right person) that I had compiled when I presented her engagement ring. I knew exactly which songs we could dance to, but with no schedule for the reception, I let the chance slip away. Yes, I heard about it!

    I (almost) made up for it with my daughter’s wedding two years later. I went to Buffalo, where she and I took brush-up dance lessons. (She and I took waltz lessons before I moved to Missouri – never knowing when she might marry, I wanted that experience.) Once I got back to Missouri, Bonnie and I practiced every night for the next six weeks. I even danced with her after the father-daughter dance. It’s been two years. Maybe we can do some evening practicing again, before the cobwebs completely swallow any parts I can remember. I’m slow to get on the dance floor, and I prefer a slow dance, so Bonnie bops away by herself when her favorite songs from the 80s come on.

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    1. “Less-than-enthusiastic dancer”? That you dared, that you practiced, and then wrote about it! I give your dancing double thumbs up, Ken. (My dancing has been solo for years, and lately all imaginary/visualized – but music still moves me emotionally!)

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    1. Thank you! We did. Home again now, trying to catch up – I need to take a “dance” break and play with the dozen started-poems from these recent travels. (And I look forward to your travel reflections!)


  5. VJ, thanks – we’re at Datil Well campground in NM – in the middle of nowhere with ravens calling continually. And tiny hail yesterday!
    Very limited connectivity ( gotta sit outside camp office!) but I’m busying myself with photos and poem drafts 😌


  6. Jazz – Nice to hear you and Gary had a good trip to NM. We still remember fondly when we met you there over 2 years ago…. And you inspired us to tackle the Dempster Highway to the Arctic. Hope that is still on your list!

    Also enjoyed your poem, Swirl On. All the best.



    1. We DID have another good NM jaunt – give me a couple weeks to catch up on stuff here and I’ll be eager to go back! (Actually, my next trip is to Minneapolis over Thanksgiving weekend. Car trip w/o trailer – just me and my daughter. ) Glad you enjoyed Swirl On – I’ve certainly been enjoying your antics the last week plus. You two do know how to have fun! Even dumpster diving – amazing attitudes – so glad you’re spreading that around.


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