Ascending Vibrations

October 24, 2021 – Reflecting on a memorable stretch of New Mexico mountain/forest visited last month: Camped near the lower end of the road up to Magdalena Ridge Observatory, we opted for the thrill of a four-wheel-drive adventure, headed up to 10,000 feet elevation. Our campsite at 6800 feet meant a steep 8-mile ascent. And steep was not all! We never met another vehicle, a blessing since stretches of the road were very narrow. One or the other vehicle would have to back up (yikes!) to a wider, safer stretch. Oh, but the scenery! Magnificent!

On the rise, I was startled when three large figures seemed to rise toward me from the slope below passenger window. My husband, driving, had his eyes on the twisting road and by the time I caught my breath to mention the figures? No longer visible. And when we later came back down that road, though I scanned continually, the figures never appeared. That night, sleepless, I wrote this poem.

Next morning, I pleaded Take me back so I can know what I saw! The image is from the second drive. We stopped, got out, took photos, and my knowledgeable geography-teacher husband explained about “dikes” formed by magma rising through cracks in the terrain, the terrain later eroding away, leaving solidified ridges. Good to know all that, though for me those formations appearing, vanishing as they did seems a spirit greeting. I felt kinship, solidarity. I’m still pondering interpretation of the pause-here-now imperative.

11 thoughts on “Ascending Vibrations

  1. Delightful! An adventure, and a mystery solved by persistence. I love your description of “rock beings.” It sounds as grounded as those monoliths look!


  2. Wow, Jazz, what an adventure. Knowing what you actually saw and how they were formed takes nothing from the mystical experience. I am so glad you got a shot as well. They are beautiful. Oh, I so enjoyed this post.

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  3. LuAnne, thanks. Knowing that I actually DID see them was worth a second jostle up that road! And Gary’s enthusiasm once he knew what I was talking about was welcome, details and all. He, too, receives spiritual insights from Nature.
    It’s intriguing how Nature can scream in your face at one moment with imagery you’d glance right past most moments. I suspect the physical jostling from that road enabled my initial response by clearing away the mental clutter usually occupying my thoughts.


  4. This reminds me of the Apache Trail in Arizona. What a marvellous sight to encounter, and thank goodness for Gary’s knowledge. Feasting in these delights through your eyes and words, Jazz.

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    1. VJ, thank you for the Apache Trail reference. In hindsight, these were not the first dikes I’ve seen. But this recent encounter – something about their isolation and their “vanishing” on the return drive – these 3 grabbed my focus.

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