Year End Pause

January 6, 2022. The historic significance of January 6 is pervasive in the media and most of our minds today. In between resurgences of anger and angst, I find myself returning to a mindful session yesterday with a group of poets zoomed together to focus on pause and intention. That hour and a half was a pause – opportunity to focus on the temporariness of many things: my self, the Dracaena blooms on the back porch, the moth drawn to those blooms. I feel I was gifted my moment with the moth as a touchstone, to align my intentions with matters I can influence though many other matters vie for my attention. I share this poem from yesterday in hopes it might stir in others recall of a similar touchstone moment of pause.  May pausing nurture growth of both acceptance and change.

The blooming of a plant is a progression through moments … as is the passage of time in any way one chooses to measure it … as is the life of a moth or a woman observing moth and plant. Impossible to pause the flow of such, but we can bring focus to specific points and hold those “paused” in our hearts. In a sense any point in time is both an end and a beginning – I’m tagging my moment with the moth as my YE2021.

Background image is today’s remains of December’s Dracaena blooms – moth inset was taken Christmas night, above blooms still not fully open.

13 thoughts on “Year End Pause

  1. Nice reminder to be present in the moment. I like that you enjoyed the moment of the moth. I too spent some time observing and photographing a moth in my back yard recently (day before the recent freeze) because I knew it would probably not be there the next day.

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    1. Betty, thank you. Intriguing creatures, moths, even the tiny brown ones trying so hard to blend in and be unseen! “Mine” was on the enclosed porch greenhouse, and clearly made it through the major freeze. NOT the easiest critter to photograph!


    1. Thank you! I was astounded when the moth flew out of the bloom I was getting apparently too-close-for-comfort to … and even more astounded when I realized one of my photos had capture the flutterer. Dracaena blooms create a very strong aroma – offensive to some humans (not me!) but a “call” to certain moths.

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  2. This is the first time I have visited your site this year and so loved what you wrote about ‘pause’. I wish I had read it before finishing my poem on the topic! What a lovely group that must have been. I love your connection between INtention and ATtention. It’s sort of an inhale and exhale. This is very inspiring, Jazz.

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    1. LuAnne, thank you – I was inspired while writing it. The group is a zoom initiated in 2020 that I hope continues long beyond pandemic; the leader is very zen with an eye for poems/quotes to stir our personal poetic responses. This round she was looking a YE/NY as opportunity to pause.

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  3. “May all fade into peace” amen to that! I am also drawn by the moth who has been “dazzled deceptively”, reminding us to be careful where our thoughts land, perhaps a reminder that the pause is necessary for clarity. Exceptional write.

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    1. Thank you, VJ – unable to consult with the moth, but my sense is that it was “in heaven” for a spell here … worth whatever else comes along with the package. A good model to follow …

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