Place Post Surgery

February 25, 2022. I’m happy to no longer be as tied to “place” as when I wrote this poem during the first week after my February 2 hip replacement surgery – I am now “me” again mentally and my eyes again focus sufficiently for digital collage. Oh, what surgical meds and pain meds do to one’s psyche and vision and energy! Good to have all that flushed away! I now walk around the block daily (with my rollator of course!) but I am still sitting in my grand dad’s rocker a good bit – often with Labrador companions – each of us “placed”.

21 thoughts on “Place Post Surgery

  1. Such a lovely, comforting piece, Jazz. I felt grounded reading it. I especially like the image of ‘family arms hugging you secure until mobility returns’. Thanks, Sarah

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    1. Sarah, thank you – my relationship to this chair has changed significantly – it always seemed entirely too big for me but somehow now it’s become a sitting cradle (with space for journal and reading materials at hand – I removed for photo, but a quilt stays draped over chair to keep kitty claws at bay and keep books from falling to the floor.)


  2. Yep. Post-op meds were the best, following my shoulder replacement. One benefit I had that you’re apparently deprived of: I could pretty much go & sit wherever I chose. The other bright side: Since I’m right-handed and they replaced the right shoulder, I became far more ambidextrous than I ever thought I could be.
    Sounds like things are on track for you. Glad to hear it. Hang in there.

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    1. Thanks, Ron – I’m discovering that working on one side affects both sides – you have me puzzling about “ambidextrous” relative to legs – I’m right-handed so maybe right-legged? For sure the right leg slams on the brakes (I’m not allowed to drive for a while yet!) but what else? Hmmm …


  3. Oh, Jazz, what a wonderful ‘place’ for your recovery. I didn’t realize you’d had hip surgery. I am glad that you are getting along well now. The description of your recovery space is beautifully written, “like family arms hugging me until I am secure”. That sounds like a perfect place to be. Heal well, dear friend.

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    1. LuAnne, thanks – I’m better by the day! Restrictions to prevent dislocation while bone grows around the titanium make me NUTS but so far I’m complying. No restrictions on sitting, thank goodness – rocking is actually PT as the ankles flex, magically healing to the entire leg/hip/me. Kinda cool to grant myself unlimited time rocking!

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  4. What a blessing to have a comfy, supportive place to land after surgery. Glad to hear you are doing well. The dogs were no doubt uncertain, as ours were after Ric had his knees done.

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    1. Thanks, VJ – our Labradors have generously NOT interfered with my walking through “their” space with my rollator – they sense something’s different for sure. I was able to walk out into the backyard with them yesterday (no rollator) and I’m spending more time again at my computer – their “normal” is returning. My “normal” shows signs of soon being better than recent years – yea!

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