Toward The Inevitable

March 27, 2022. Multiple influences overlap in this poem. I created a collage to portray my vision – using found bridge image with one of my own full-moon photographs. The poem stemmed from reading Ram Dass (Walking Each Other Home) and a zooming of poets focused on aging. I am awed to have lived longer than either of my parents – whenever my departure comes, I will not feel short-changed. In the interim, each day is an opportunity to reflect (and wax poetic!)

15 thoughts on “Toward The Inevitable

      1. Thank you. Lilie – a change of environment sort of wakes-up what our eyes/minds notice. Lots of work to move, but relocation does have some pluses – I’ve been enjoying your observations from your new location.


      2. Thanks, Jazz. It has brought to notice those things we know but do not keep in our consciousness to reflect on. Your word are making it possible for me to bring those thoughts closer to look at.

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