Sun Blessing

June 30, 2022. Another June closes, this one filled with flashbacks of my son’s illness in June 2020 followed this June by another family death, all that mixed with current angst about mass shootings and political maneuvers wreaking havoc. Last evening I took a long walk through the neighborhood, hoping physical exhaustion might relieve the mental churn. And did I ever get lucky! Turning the last corner toward home, I was greeted by a gorgeous sun setting “at the end of the block”. This poem wrote itself. Wishing all a similar experience of surprising calm in our hectic times, wherever you may stumble into beauty.

22 thoughts on “Sun Blessing

  1. Wonderful post Jazz. It seems like all good poems ‘write themselves’. The poet Ruth Stone describes trying to catch a poem by its tail as one races for a way to write it down. Nature is such a balm, providing such ballast in difficult times. Take good care. Catherine

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    1. Catherine, thank you. Lucky that I was so close to home – sat down on front porch and used phone to capture words to go with photo just taken. Convenience of mobile phones! Rather than distracting from Natural encounters, they can capture moments like this.
      Thank you also for your daily Nature posts – one of my first reads each day.

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  2. That’s a wow picture, Jazz! And the sun is like kindness, isn’t it (I actually wrote a poem on that awhile back). We are indeed blessed and soothed when we can take in such natural beauty.

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    1. Betty, thanks! Walking is a good meditation mode as well as physical exercise. On my usual route I pass a front-yard Buddha – his arms uplifted toward sky. He’s about 3 ft high, yet I always feel lifted – and raise my hands up in like fashion.


    1. Tom, I agree – not letting any part ruin the whole. Good to make a to-do about what’s good – balance out some of the attention-getters that dominate media and many hearts/minds. Thanks for your feedback.


  3. So sorry to hear you have been hit with yet another family tragedy. I just know that sunset was meant for you to see, to calm you, ground you, and allow your words to flow so beautifully!

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    1. Thank you! Intriguing to ponder who else was standing in awe at the same moment … what poems might have been percolating within other observers. Seemed to me in the moment I was the only one on the street … but maybe one street over, a similar awe?


  4. Excellent capture – both image and sentiment. Sorry to hear of another loss. These are tumultuous times – hard to keep grounded. Thank you for sharing.


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