September 6, 2022. July and August travels are now memories begging to be shared. As I catch up with reading others’ blogs, I’ll post a few travel highs. This reflection is from the latter part of our stay at elevation 9000 up above Cloudcroft NM. A very cool place, in all “cool” connotations. I’ve come to recognize absence of connectivity as gift, not sacrifice. And face down kissing a mountain can prove uplifting.

10 thoughts on “Stumbles

  1. Kudos, Jazz, to you for having the presence of mind for such far-down introspection…! Your circumventing of the proverbial bruised pride in favor of more significant considerations is inspiring — I just hope you likewise avoided a bruised body! πŸ’–

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    1. Betty, thank you … before seeing the quote I’d been puzzling why I was in no hurry to get back upright. Guess I was too close to see clearly. I recall surprise at how wide a blade of grass looks an inch from the eye … and how soft the mountain felt in spite of rocks and bark. When we return next I hope for some solo time to go lie down gently … take note of details.


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