Sage Outlook

January 6, 2016.  Central Texas has yet to have a hard freeze this winter (in spite of ice and snow in other parts of the state a week ago!) Today I was observing the Chiapas sage, a Fall bloomer that just keeps blooming and blooming until a freeze sends it into dormancy.  I’m not sure what a shorter dormant period may mean for next year’s blooms, but I am comforted by the cheery yellow profusion that brightens this grey day.  And I think:  How wise – I, too, should give my all right now rather than fret about what lies ahead.  So, here’s the poem that followed.

The image is a composite – sage photographed today, birds from prior photos.  (No way to coerce dove and blue-jay to resume positions and hold a pose while I steadied the camera!)

Happy New Year,