September 17, 2015.  I have been entranced recently with visual symbols of energy flow – specifically looking at an old favorite, Yin/Yang, and pondering how that and the Trinity Knot might relate.  I turned to collaging to give my left brain a break.  As often happens working with imagery, a surprise “flew in” and rearranged everything.

The image below is created with modified found art.  I am grateful to whoever created the raven image so perfectly reflecting what my inner eye observed.  Symbols span a sky I photographed at The White Shaman Preserve – sacred space frequently visited, on the lower Pecos River near Comsock,Texas.

Why get tangled up in symbols?  I’m taking a class that called for a reflection paper on Trinity.   I don’t really have much affinity with Trinity.  I was stumped.  In the process of wrestling with unknowns, I stumbled on a delightful video of Maia Scott talking about how we “see”.  I know Maia from several years of The Labyrinth Society annual gatherings, where she is a striking presence with her guide dog – not only walking labyrinths with limited vision, but creating them for others to walk!  Listening to Maia, I concluded in this case, I’d be ahead “seeing” Trinity visually (through imagery) in lieu of wordy (doctrinal) concepts.

(The paper, including image and poem, is at last complete and submitted.  WHEW!)

Maia’s personal site (and the video): www.maiamaia.us  She’s the keynote speaker at this year’s TLS gathering – Waycross, Indiana (October 16-18):  http://labyrinthsociety.org/annual-gathering