Spring Clean

March 28, 2019.  Spring has announced herself with an abundance of green coming up through dried leftovers of prior green frozen to the ground.  Lots to clean up in the yard!  I tackled the crinum bed alongside driveway a bit at a time to avoid arthritic reaction to the necessary bending, stooping at unusual angles.  This poem emerged from the meditative nature of putting face repeatedly near earth … plus it was Mother’s birthday.  The following day, my email brought me the poem Earth Song – including:

Those who are dead are never gone;
The dead are not down in the earth:
They are in the trembling of the trees

Indeed, Mother was right there with me in the crinums’ upward thrust.


Crinums produce large lily-like blooms – mine are a vivid pink, prolific come June.

I’m unable to find a direct link to Earth Song, Traditional from Senegal.  I received it via Panhala – to subscribe, send a blank email to:




Ready — Set — Go!

May 24, 2015.  Last Spring, I overhauled my extensive bed of crinum lilies.  The project involved digging up enormous bulbs, then digging the entire area down six inches, then refilling with decomposed granite.  A team of three strong men accomplished that in two days — and left me to the creative placement of planter holes, replanting about one fourth of the bulbs, and finding homes for the remainder.  A labor of love, and hope for thriving of all transplants (spread to just about everyone I knew and a dozen or so responders to FreeCycle).

Image #1 was taken today — this year’s first blooms.  Thrill to see them! They’ll be pinking up the front yard until our first freeze.

Image #2 — my “blank slate” — goes with the poem, written when the work crew drove off and I dug in.