About Jazz


Jazz Jaeschke (now officially S Jaeschke Kendrick) found poetry at mid-life, retired, and got a whole lot happier.

Photography, labyrinths, SoulCollage(R), nature, and travel arouse her muse.  Jazz lives in Austin, Texas, with two cats, two Labradors, and her just-right man.   She is always writing!

Jazz facilitates an Internet poetry circle for Story Circle Network (since 2003) and frequents Austin area poetry events.  Her work has been published in festival anthologies and Story Circle publications.

In 2002, Jazz published Significance, a memoir (mostly poems) spanning various aspects of her life through growing up and 33 career years with a high-tech company.  A lot of living has happened since, and a sequel is incubating.   SignifCover-sml

6 thoughts on “About Jazz

    1. Ali, the internet circles is part of Story Circle Network (see http://www.storycircle.org) – members can choose to be in a circle which involves a monthly prompt and everyone writing to that in their own style. Most of the circles are a combination of prose/poetry, but the one I facilitate is poetry only. There are five to ten of us active at any given time, and the poems roll in over the course of a month, followed by a trickle of responses to each. We don’t critique each other – it’s a sharing and encouraging circle.

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  1. Hi Jazz,
    Thanks for visiting my blog and I’m happy to find yours. Interestingly, I joined SCN back in the 90’s when Susan first started it and it was a mail newsletter. Susan published my first stories in it. Good memories. I let my membership lapse long ago, unfortunately. Happy holidays!

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    1. Charlotte, thank you for checking out StepsAndPauses. And for your SCN feedback – I found SCN in 1999 through an Artist’s Way group suggesting a Susan Albert talk as an artist’s date – got there and discovered I had to WRITE ON THE SPOT – scarey! – but I did – hooked ever since.

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