Like It Is

July 8, 2017.  Travelling again – had a wonderful evening in Hannibal Missouri under the influence of a local band in an outdoor setting … full moon rising … a time to ponder and savor.  A time well worth a poem. If you ever stumble upon Bummer The Drummer and The Kansas City Street Band – by all means sit down awhile!




June 1, 2017.  The last half of May was a bombardment of encounters – a piling on of understanding my own impermanence, connectedness, and choices. This poem has been finished multiple times, only to reopen given the next day’s encounter.  Not all-inclusive, some pieces were trimmed to make space for others.   I’m calling this complete now.  (Though there could be a sequel!)

This began with breaking open during Jimmy LaFave’s final performance three days before his death – witnessing his choice to live his last year on his own terms, embracing life rather than fighting death.  The wrap-up arrived as a scientific article on lichens.

References:  [1] Poet Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer’s poem “Dear Christie”:   [2] Scientific American June 2017 issue, “The Meaning of Lichen”

Collage:  Raven from Bryce Canyon, UT.  Lichen from Red Corral Ranch, TX.





June 10, 2016.  Traveling for several weeks.  After navigating the boulders strewn in the path of departure (too many to enumerate!), we departed exhausted. Our first stop is Linden TX, on our projected path to North Carolina via Arkansas and Tennessee.  Linden is home of Music Texas Theater, host to many top performers.  We are here to applaud J. D. Souther (of Eagles affiliation and much, much more) – his tunes come tonight.

In search of a wi-fi signal, we ended up at the theater mid morning, ahead of the crowds – stumbling into serenity.