June 23, 2015.  This very moist weather of late has transformed my xeriscaped yard – mushrooms and even moss appearing.  The boneset has endured through the years with little assistance from me.  Some years blooms are abundant; a few years back I thought I’d lost it completely to the drought.  Never have I seen the stalks over 4 feet high.  This year – oh my!  As tall as I am, more stalks than ever, and blazing with blooms along the front fence, hanging over the sidewalk – thriving survivors surely posing for portraits.





Place To Begin

June 17, 2015.  I’ve been working on a reflection paper for a class I’m taking, studying perennial wisdom.  The paper has prompted me to dig out a pendant presented at the completion of another class several years back.  This poem insisted on interrupting my work on the paper!  I’ll get back to that paper shortly.  Meanwhile, I’ve created a collage of the front and edge of the pendant that stimulated the poem.  A welcome synchonicity opened up along with this morning’s email containing the Pema Chodron quote that fit so well with the poem I had thought I finished last night.   Here are all the pieces, coming together.