June 23, 2015.  This very moist weather of late has transformed my xeriscaped yard – mushrooms and even moss appearing.  The boneset has endured through the years with little assistance from me.  Some years blooms are abundant; a few years back I thought I’d lost it completely to the drought.  Never have I seen the stalks over 4 feet high.  This year – oh my!  As tall as I am, more stalks than ever, and blazing with blooms along the front fence, hanging over the sidewalk – thriving survivors surely posing for portraits.





3 thoughts on “Revival

  1. The plant and the poem are beautiful. Thanks for sharing. I also have a xeriscaped yard that is overflowing with plant life. However, I am surprised that the Esperanza which always gives me hope when it is so dry is slow in blooming this year! I think it needs more heat and sunshine!


  2. Beautiful. I wonder if that would grow in my yard. It doesn’t look like anything I have ever tried.


    1. This should like your yard. It came with this house – I found it in the native plants book, and I suppose the prior owners planted it deliberately as I don’t see it elsewhere in the neighborhood. We have blue mist in the backyard that Gary purchased at Natural Gardener … similar, but not so tall and not purple. Seems to like partial shade. Clearly likes lots of rain! Does not migrate elsewhere in the yard.


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