October 15, 2020. I’m almost back from a month’s retreat from home base. I’ve been physically and energetically disconnected from computers and routines. In the next week or so I’ll be catching up on blog posts from others – another sort of cushion comfort! Come end-of-October, I’ll be traveling again …

This haiku was written in response to the visual impact of sky-gazing from the mountain over Cloudcroft NM (a place we return to at least once a year). In typing it up today, I realize it speaks also to my “destination” of adjusting to losing my son. Life seems a continual journey toward an ultimate destination difficult to envision. I savor interim pauses.

17 thoughts on “Destination

    1. Thank you. Leaving, I felt “unplugged” was a wise choice! Interesting, though, how the mind keeps seeking its usual nurture, and I did miss the daily influx of poems from others! Next round, I’ll take a day or two at a time, not 3 weeks!

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    1. Ken, thank you for this perspective … yes, those clouds surely could absorb and dissolve tensions!
      (In contrast, we also saw smokey skies coming from Arizona fires, and acres and acres of burned forest from NM fires in prior years – all tension-enhancers. Likely a poem coming about those views…)

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