Bowl Of Stones

December 5, 2018.  Once upon a time, when younger and more flexible, I would lay out a labyrinth on the mountain up above Cloudcroft NM each summer.  In a national forest,  one “leaves nothing and takes only pictures” – hence no permanent stone-lined labyrinth.  My challenge included:  repeatable installs, rain proof, cattle proof, materials must fit in the back of an already-crammed car.

Each summer, I would spend a spiritually connected day creating the labyrinth before the group arrived, and a frenzied couple of hours at close of the gathering – pulling up anchored straps and packing materials snugly back into their container.

Near the labyrinth center, I placed a bowl of polished gemstone fragments – and encouraged walkers to stir the collective energy as they passed.

This collage puts a smaller capture of the bowl near center over a larger capture of stones within the bowl




15 thoughts on “Bowl Of Stones

    1. I am a rock collector of sorts – I love rough ones with “landscapes” for the imagination – they are more useful (to me) than any crystal ball. But polished gemstones also snare my attention … and fit into a pocket!

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      1. I have a few polished gemstones as well as some rough odds and ends, including a meteor fragment, that friends have given to me over the years. They all have their stories.

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  1. I love this post, Jazz – the poem, the prose, the photo. What a great way to spend time with friends, making and walking a labyrinth. Add the stone fragment to take home as a reminder is such a thoughtful act. You are inspiring!


  2. This makes me want to put together a bowl of stones and possibly other items. Maybe if I do that I can stir it when I pass and thus increase my own energy level. I have some colored stones that I’ve always meant to use somehow–this may be how!

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    1. Ahhh – Googled polished dinosaur bone and the 3rd image was from your blog 2013 – fantastic. I will keep an eye out now that I know about these … especially next time I’m in Utah.


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