No Standing Still

December 10, 2018.  Today marks 2 weeks since a hurried scurry in my driveway left me flat against the concrete wondering briefly what all have I broken?  And who saw me fall?  Good news on all fronts – nothing broken and no distressed neighbors hovering.  I got myself up slowly, marveling that everything still worked, and began puzzling why I tripped on something always right there, why on the day before I go to my aunt’s 94th birthday, why, why, why?

Richard Wehrman’s poem “Traveling” helps make sense of a seemingly senseless stumble.  I’ve added bloom and swirl to a photo of my purple-puffed chin.

P.S. I am back to normal skin tones.  More attentive in the driveway.  Pondering still.





13 thoughts on “No Standing Still

  1. Standing still is most definitely not an option! I tripped and fell just yesterday, while doing laundry. Am grateful to have suffered only a few bruises and slight muscle strains, and am in total agreement with “embracing Here Now…”

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  2. I feel like my fall was a gift of sorts (certainly the nothing broken was a gift!) – and those bruises were a reminder every time I encountered a mirror for long enough that I couldn’t just write it off.
    I’d like to think I “got it” and won’t need another tumble reminder. You, too – stay upright so you can keep writing poems!!

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    1. Ken, I think you’re right, that no matter what precautions I just learned about tripping in the driveway, some scenario slightly different will present down the line and I will “fall for it”. I’ve apparently got strong bones that don’t crack easily … yet … so far, more to be thankful for than worried about!

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  3. It is amazing how the body heals itself – most of the time. I am glad that you are seeing this stumble as a gift. The universe has interesting ways of teaching us about life and mindfulness. Great post and I love what you did with the photo.

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    1. Luanne, thank you – I had fun with the photo! I believe EVERYthing is a message … many overlooked due to distractions … and that sometimes the Universe gets a tad dramatic to get my attention.

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  4. So sorry to hear about your fall, Jazz. Never a welcome trial. Sounds like you dealt with it philosophically – hope you are recovering well. Falling “into silent awareness” – love this line. It certainly shakes us up.

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