Self Defense

April 7, 2019.  No, nothing to do with martial arts!

One week into Poetry Month, and under the influence of an evocative SoulCollage® group session yesterday, I take my stand – as poet, yes, but not just poet – as creative human  giving creativity space, attention, support to flourish.

A word about SoulCollage® – a Jungian therapy process developed by Seena Frost – I’ve been practicing this since 2007.   It’s something you DO as opposed to read about, but if curious, go here:

This image is a collage for four SoulCollage cards created yesterday.  Image details were clipped from calendar/magazine pages and pieced together intuitively.  Each of the four cards (5×8″) can be “read” – imagery speaking to whatever inside me chose and arranged the pieces.  Collectively, they delivered this poem.





18 thoughts on “Self Defense

  1. Oh, I love the energy of this one, Jazz. I can so relate to this one. Even though I was a writer in some capacity during my careers, and I even did some graphic work, now that I am retired I can paint, and draw, and write poetry and fiction and Zentangle and collage and do origami – all when and how often that I like. What a blessing!

    I have done some work with some version of soul collage but maybe not the official one. Thanks so much for the link. I will certainly look into it.

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  2. Luanne, thank you. Re SoulCollage, the process can be taken to depths of psychology but many people prefer to simplify. There’s this method of putting cards into suits that I find totally unnecessary. Everyone agrees that a card may well belong to one suit when made and to another later on … so I leave them all in the single MY CARDS suit.


  3. “Indulging sheer pleasure” – yes! We are so fortunate to have this creative opportunity. Your collage reminded me of the many years I spent consulting the Tarot – among them the Soul cards. Beautiful. Tugged at me, I must say.

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    1. VJ, thank you. Images have so much to say when we let them! I have several Tarot decks and other reflective card decks – from days when I frequently wrote from imagery “drawn blind” – letting imagination guide the pen. Before I began taking photos … my ever-expanding image “deck”.

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  4. Thank you for this poem Jazz! I still feel sometimes like I need “permission” to just be creative. Love the Soul Collage pictures. I did some years ago and the images (just 2 of them!) still speak to me.

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    1. Betty, thank you – we have to grant ourselves permission to create it seems – almost always some other activity we “should” be tackling … Here’s to setting our own “shoulds”!


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