Response Able

September 10, 2019.  This is Mary Oliver’s 84th birthday.  This is also a day of numerous stirring poems in my morning read … including cats with whom I have a life-long close affinity (thank you, Cate) and Karma (thank you, LuAnne).   Synchronicity arrived to tie it all together nicely: my cat Brie delivering an opportunity to practice good karma on behalf of a not-yet-adult green anole.  (I call those lizzies.)

Cate’s poem: 

LuAnne’s poem: 

No camera in hand when I went to investigate Brie’s yowls.  And when I returned with camera, my subject was hiding deep, deep in the succulents.  Hence, this image is a collage of today’s planter with prior lizzie as stand-in.




11 thoughts on “Response Able

  1. Good for you! Brie doesn’t really need the lizzie. I guess she should get credit for inspiring the poem, though. Also I really, really like Cate’s poem. Who is she, and where can I find more of hers?

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    1. Carolyn, thank you … the lizzie surely did not need Brie!
      Re Cate’s poems – go back to the link for today’s poem and look for “follow” [lower right corner on my computer] … if it doesn’t pop up, try right-clicking to see if you get options. Click follow, ask to be notified by email – you will get an email whenever she posts (several times a month, not daily). Also, on the post page there’s a link “About” which brings up a blurb about Cate plus links to her latest several posts.


  2. Love this poem, Jazz, and really love the title. As a cat owner myself, I have struggled with their freedom and the lives of the little critters in the yard. One of the benefits of them aging is that now they just don’t bother chasing the chipmunks and voles. Thank you for linking to my poem. I am glad it offered a bit of inspiration.

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    1. LuAnne, thank you – for feedback, and for your post that helped trigger this poem. I participate in a daily group prayer for those detained at our border – the prayer includes “I am responsible” – hard to swallow, sent me to the dictionary, and led to response-able – something I can affirm and practice in many ways.

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