Energy Of Change

April 4, 2017.  Not typical Spring Fever!  My restless state stems from too many changes I am unable to influence – this urge to tackle something tangible, make something prettier, even if insignificant in the larger realm of unpredictables.   Why not transform a once-stately (still-comfy) rocking chair into a bright turquoise meditation station?





5 thoughts on “Energy Of Change

    1. Susi, thanks. I began sanding the chair today – this project will keep me out of trouble (fretting and brooding) for a couple of weeks! Sand off old finish (in increments!) … prime … sand … coat 1 … sand … coat 2 …sand … wait & admire … then rock & smile …


  1. I want everything to quit changing, sometimes… but it doesn’t listen, no matter my wishes (especially the weather doesn’t seem to care what I want). A young surgeon was checking on me once after an operation, and he asked me if I had any questions, to which I replied “Yes, what is the meaning of life?” He walked about in a circle about 3 times with a perplexed look on his face, then said he would have to get back to me. And he did on his next visit, when he told me “Change is the only constant.”

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    1. Yup. Everything does change … what varies is the number of concurrent changes and the speed with which change does its transformational dance … anxiety can add up incrementally during peak overlaps! Trying to sit still and “let it pass” is not necessarily the healthiest counter approach … sometimes the pent-up energy can be put to good use, as in cleaning out a shed or refinishing a rocking chair or, or, or … maybe a poem emerges.
      Progress report: Chair now 1/3 sanded down to bare wood …


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